Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Day statement of the Internationalist Communist Tendency

The CIK enthusiastically applauds the ICT’s May Day statement: Against the “Class War” of the Rich: Time to Fight!

We completely agree that this is not merely a debt or bank crisis, etc., but a “structural crisis of the whole system which has developed over decades”.

World war is capitalism’s attempt to get out of this, as the ICT says, “war is no solution, but it is the only one capitalism has to offer, in order to emerge from its valorisation crisis.”

The article also clearly shows how the bourgeoisie can isolate and divide us with the unions and parties such as Quebec’s QS or France’s NPA. “This demands a political break with the unions and parliamentary parties, which are without exception ensnared in the logic of this system. The dream of a socially tamed capitalism is exhausted, having been dreamt too long. Time and again, those political bodies, which claim to represent our interests through negotiations and compromises with the ruling class unmask themselves as especially perfidious defenders of this system.”

The article categorically rejects state capitalism: “It is not a question of controlling the banks”, “taxing the rich more heavily” or “nationalising industries”. A capitalism organised on the basis of the state is an equally poor alternative. The experience with Stalinism in the Soviet Union and elsewhere should be sufficient proof of this.”

Finally, the ICT clearly indicates its will to participate in building an international revolutionary organization while not seeing itself as central to it. We reiterate our agreement that political debates are an integral part of this process. For years, just as with the ICT, we have sought discussions and common work with serious revolutionaries around the world, so as to encourage the construction of a new international organisation. We are aware that this will be a long-term and difficult process.

Our discussions with groups such as the International Fraction of the Communist Left, Internationalist Voice, the ICC and the ICT are based on proposed principles and have always demonstrated the seriousness with which we envision these relations