Monday, June 7, 2010

Reprinted pamphlets

We held an information table at the Montreal anarchist bookfair 2010. On this occasion, we have reprinted brochures of the "old" International Communist Current (ICC). All these texts and pamphlets were published before 2001.
We do not released the texts and pamphlets of Internationalist Communist Tendency(ICT) given the dictates of its sectarian ‘Mise au point’(April 2009): "We advised them [the ICM] we strongly wish that under these conditions, immediately cease the dissemination of public material IBRP and all its sections. "
The following addition has been made in each booklet : « Internationalists Communists of Montreal (ICM) havin't any organisational links with the International Communist Current (ICC) and don't agree with all its political positions. »
These pamphlets are :
Is it possible to reconcile anarchism and marxism?
(ICC reply to Gauche Communiste Libertaire - extracts) 0.25$
Unions Against the Working Class (ICC) 2$
The communist left and the continuity of marxism (ICC) 0.50$