Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summary of the French version of the response of ICM to the Mise au point du BIPR

  1. First, we would apologize for any confusion caused, and explain that the release of the document without addresses and coordinates for the IBRP-GIO . Although it is presented as an IBRP tract.
  1. That this occurred as a result of a computer sending error by one comrade in the group. (details if necessary)
  1. The text was prepared in anticipation of a reply on doing a joint distribution, should that have had occurred. We had made the request april 03, 2009.
  1. We decided not to do a distribution of the IBRP leaflet at our meeting last week, and that is as far we had taken it as a group.
  1. We in no way wished to convey the idea that we were a sympathizing group officially tied in any way to the IBRP.
  1. We chose the IBRP tract-leaflet because it encapsulated many of the crucial points affecting the class struggle today, very well.
  1. It has never been our intention to denigrate the IBRP or any of its organizations. To this extent, we apologize to the comrades of the GIO for leveling the charge of being an opportunist group – this instead should have remained leveled at one comrade within the group, and the charge of opportunism specific to a particular set of events that you are aware of.
  1. On this same point we’re thoroughly convinced that you have only heard one side of the events properly. Our point here was not to denigrate but to have the truth come out.
  1. Though we have no official ties with the IBRP, we adhere to most if not all positions within the IBRP’s platform and overall approach. We are in continual debate and discussion on the platforms and programs of the IBRP and the ICC, IFFIC as well as the Bordigist ICPs and evolving our own elaborations.
  1. Folowing from this, it must be said that whenever we made contact with those interested in the IBRP in particular, we have directed them to the Bureau and the GIO. And we will continue to do so, while encouraging all contacts to familiarize themselves with all the groups within the communist left as well as their publications.
  1. We are not cops, informers, counter-revolutionaries or hobbyists getting their jollies from spurious factionalism. So while we understand your response to our error, we hope you will rescind your decision to not allow our use of your leaflets and tracts. We will continue to use quotations from all the groups on the communist left, including the IBRP when appropriate, with proper credit given.
  1. In any case, the spread and development of the class struggle today, around the world face the global economic crisis currently raging, can illustrate how our communication errors are secondary in this situation. The entire communist left has to relate to the actual working class struggle, wherever it finds itself, and not to the petty debates that are often manufactured between communists. To blow these out of proportion is idealism of the worst kind. Jocks (CWO)
  1. If these problems and misunderstanding are not resolved today, we hope that they will be in the future.