Sunday, October 29, 2006

A World At War and the Class War!

This horrible attack of 9/11, causing the deaths of thousands, was just the pretext the United States needed for their new war. This type of aggressions, by alleged terrorists, has nothing in common with revolutionary communist action - attacking buildings where both proletarians and bourgeois carried onwith their daily activities. Thus, for most part, it’s the proletariat that once pays for the war, an assault that has served to polarize tensions between the imperialist powers of the world. We must bear in mind that that the Taliban, the very ghostly Al Qaeda and the Afghani Mudjahidin are political critters of the CIA and the Pakistani’s secret services (ISI) ultimately conceived to fight against the threat of Soviet imperialism in the early eighties. Educated in Pakistani religious school, the Taliban, was supported in part by the Pakistani army and the ISI(which was financed by CIA itself) so that it could be installed as the head of the Afghanistan to brutally restore order in a country revaged by war.

At this time, UNOCAL, an American oil-producing company, was negotiating with the Taliban in order to ship the oil resources from Central Asia to Pakistan with a pipeline to cross Afghanistan. We mustn’t fail to mention that the consultant and lobbyist used by the “oil tanker"? to negotiate with the Taliban was none other than Hamid Karzai, now the president of Afghanistan. The agreement had failed in 1996, however, and relations between both the two countries grew acrimonious. Thus, the 9/11 attack were opportunne for a US military intervention in Afghanistan, enabling it to move its pawns into a strategic position for the control of the Caspian Sea resources.

Since their invasion of Afghanistan, the US imperialist block has encroached deepeer and deepere into the Near and and Middle East. Recently, in October 2006, facing their growing failure to impose order in Afghanistan, the US relinguished its occupation force’s supreme command to NATO (which they totally control(2)). As a member of NATO, Canada will account for about 3000 troops on Afghani soil by 2007. Harper has expressed his determination to see “the Canada’s role in the world should not be limited to this continent?, while boasting of Canada’s massive billion-dollars investments in the deployment of its army to reinforce the Bush administration. Besides, enterprises such as Bombardier has developed some drones and movable bridges intended for the US army. SNC-Lavalin is producing large amounts of munitions for the occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. This also reveals a more aggressive Canadian imperialism set on a global deflagration.

Since the fall of the Soviet block, the repartition of certain globally strategic areas has revealed the polarization of new imperialist blocks. September 11th has only highlighted the reality of capitalism,s relentless path toward war for domination of thr world’s resource markets and capital accumulatio. In this context there are no choices between various capitalist states and their stated intentions whether they offer war on one hand and peace on the other, but only the inherent reality of the capitalist mode of production into which all states must dive into and find a role, big or small. And the intensificatioon of this open conflicts sliding towards a world war is taking on aspects of the social and political elements of the class system. Using the excuse of terrorism and the war on terrorism provides the bourgeoisie with the means to prevent any critical opposition to its economic and political order. During the New York subway strike in December 2005, for example, striking workers were treated as terrorists and American war effort saboteurs ; and they might have risked some 25,000$ in sanctions under the Taylor law (an anti labor law in effect in that state).

There can be no truly progressive forces operating within the capitalist system, since in the capital’s world, the political sphere is entirely dominated by the economical sphere. Capitalism is not manageable ; it has its own logical whatever benefits the race and the accumulation of wealth. It make no difference which political party has power, nor does it matter what social aspiration it may have - it must obey the workings of the economical order if it to survive. Socialism in one country is not an option because it’s unachievable. As any state would constantly have to compete with capitalism for its mere survival, giving rise to totalitarian aberrations that wouldn’t give us anything except more capitalist dictatorships.

Workers, to fight those war fomented by the ruling classes, an only alternative remains : to oppose to the imperialist war of the national bourgeoisies- our own war, the war of the international working class : the class war! Workers, we have to consider strikes against the war in all production sectors. It also means that we must counter union corporations whose aims is to keep us isolated, factory from factory, country by country, in the maintenance of their position as midle-man within the capitalist system. Against the national war effort, we must focus our worker solidarity throughout the world, for there exists a greater common interests between the Canadian soldier and the Afghani worker, than between the Canadian soldier and its own bourgeoisie. It will be a long struggle in the development of our class-consciousness in order to end once and for all the war rationale of capitalism. Workers, unite in the making of an internationalist proletarian party, and anti-Stalinist party ! For peace to triumph on a global scale, we first have to win the class war.
Socialism or barbary-there is no other alternative!

Some internationalist communists from Montréal, October 2006.

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1 The National Security Strategy of the United States of America is a document produced in 2002 that express the New American Foreign Policy. It says that «to counter a sufficient threat to our national security (...) to forestall or prevent such hostile acts by our adversaries, the United States will, if necessary, act preemptively.

2 The Europe’s imperialist countries, members of the NATO, are elaborating a European Union Foreign and Security Policy in order to give an European distinct defense almost inside the NATO.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Informational Communiqué to the organisations of the international Communist Left

August 15th 2006

This is to announce the formation of a new group on the Communist Left, in Montreal (Canada). To be honest, we're only at an embryonic stage in development and can thus barely proclaim ourselves as a "group", since we are but a few people involved in in-depth political inquiry at the present time. Despite the fact that we came from different leftist orientations (Maoism, Trotskyism, and anarchism), the last few years have seen us move closer in adherence to Left communist positions, particularly those of the Italian Left. De facto, we were all sympathizers at different levels of the International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party, through the Internationalist Workers Group from Canada, or through its paper "Internationalist Notes". Our present political legacy then stems principally from the Bilan tradition, but also together from the Dutch–German Left, and from the French communist Left (the fraction of 1945). These were currents of the Left that knew how to unleash the revolutionary praxis of Marxism, by consolidating the historical experience of the proletariat and by learning from past mistakes. This is also the tradition we wish to defend and advance.

Now, the reason we didn't pursue our work inside the Internationalist Workers Group – or in its paper the "Internationalist Notes" – is a result of political difficulties encountered while working inside this group (particularly given the impossibility of discussing our real divergences), contrary to any sectarian or political idiosyncrasies. In fact, after sending in our resignation, two of us had reiterated our complete agreement with the general political line of the IBRP and its platform. However, the fact that we weren't militants of the IWG anymore allowed us the time and freedom to deepen our knowledge of the proletarian camp, along with the possibility of developing on a firmer foundation our understanding of the various elements comprising it. As a result, during our discussions, some questions and doubts were raised with regard to the IBRP that at present make it impossible for us to express our complete agreement with its general politics.

Since we are in our early development as a group, and as we are aware of a general lack of a thorough knowledge regarding the international Communist Left, we see as our principal task the undertaking of a study of the various political tendencies arising from this current in order to take and clarify our own organisational positions. We also wish to make contact with the various groups from the Communist Left and to engage with respect and camaraderie in dialogue, this in view of the fact that political divergences can arise between the elements involved in this kind of positional confrontation. As well, we have given ourselves a mandate to intervene whenever possible, based on our actual strength within our class - this in order to discuss and participate to some extent in the clarification of the proletarian program, and in the building of the revolutionary party.

While waiting for a physical address, you can reach us at:

Thanks for the interest carried to our presence, and internationalist greetings,

Some internationalist communists from Montreal.