Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Capitalism is bankrupt! Unite to put an end to it! Struggle and International solidarity with the Greek Working class

We distributed this tract especially in French at several events.

Capitalism is in crisis, one that will be far deeper than that of 1929. That crisis was settled through the atrocity of a world war. Charest, McGuinty, Harper, and those preparing to replace them during the election spectacles, will continue to implement the same austerity measures as in other countries. The same attacks are taking place all over the world – hikes in energy prices, attacks on pensions, tuition increases, new taxes, cutbacks in the public sector and massive factory closures. MABE Canada, Merch, Johnson&Johnson, Electrolux, Rocktenn, Shell, White Birch Paper, Aveos and Caterpillar in Ontario are only part of the closures. We should note the infamous role of unions that sabotage any expansion of the general strike or fight against closures, instead looking for potential buyers, participating in reclassification committees with no prospect of employment, and asking for a donation of an hour’s wages in support. All the while, the repressive measures of the bourgeois state are mounting: Federal crime bill C-10 suspending the right of Air Canada to strike, the 'GAMMA' Political Police Squad in Montreal (Guet des Activités des Mouvements Marginaux et Anarchistes), a vicious attack on demonstrations by police, not to mention the ongoing repression against people on the fringes of society ranging from physical assault to murder.

Should we stand aside for organizations that want to extend the life of capitalism? Do they really expect us to trust them when they ask the bourgeois state to better distribute wealth? -As they really have no interest in seeing capitalism disappear, like the coalition opposing the pricing and privatization of unions and public services. Remember, it was the unions who supported the péquiste Bouchard with the zero deficit law that allowed both PQ and Liberal governments to justify their cuts. Should we let them organize one-day-only strikes that serve solely as a safety valve, leading nowhere?

The working class resists, but in an incredibly dispersed fashion, while the bourgeoisie works together. Workers’ struggles going on in Greece, Spain, Portugal, China, India, France and Réunion, in the US and around the world, force bourgeois factions to unite against the working class. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of demonstrators the world over are refusing austerity. The lying media globally censors these struggles in an attempt to limit international solidarity.

Workers, the unemployed, students, pensioners, we have to stop following fake friends such as our unions and politicians like those from Québec solidaire who intend merely to reform capitalism. We must wrest control of the struggle from them. Otherwise they will divert our struggle back to the parliamentary circus or through the negotiation of our exploitation. Demonstrations and especially a general strike are needed to expand the struggles as widely as possible, following the example of our brothers and sisters, the Greek working class. The workers of Greece serve as an example in uniting to broaden the struggle in spite of nationalism and union corporatism, by rejecting politicians and by attacking the whole machinery of the bourgeois state, as when they besieged parliament for approving the measures demanded by European capitalists. It’s the capitalists who are responsible for this crisis, shifting the blame, trying to make an example of Greece. It’s not for the working class to pay. One single watchword, join the Greek working class in general strike.

Either the bourgeoisie, their states and their politicians will succeed in making us pay through ever more exploitation, or we organize through meetings, struggle committees and strikes in solidarity with the workers of the world to end capitalism.

Internationalist Communists - Klasbatalo March 22nd, 2012

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