Monday, May 27, 2013

Student struggle and Assemblies of neighbourhoods

Table of contents

Spring 2012 student movement
- An international economic crisis, drastic austerity measures worldwide ... and rising tuition
- The struggle against tuition fees is part of the struggle against capitalist attacks on our living   conditions
- Student unionism
- The student movement isolates itself and is isolated from the labor movement
Social strike radical students and minorities
- The question of violence
- The beginning of the end: the elections mark the end of the movement and its defeat through extensive student participation in those elections
- The summit on education and continuation of austerity measures

 Assemblies of the neighbourhoods: our intervention in the APAQs
- ’Democracy’ gives birth to Bill 78
- The manifestations casseroles movement: the working class and the middle class in solidarity with the student movement
- Democratic illusions and the civic “manifestations casseroles
- The casseroles seem to want to give themselves a political extension: creation of the APAQs
- The APAQs supported the student movement, but were also put in tow
- Autonomy according to the APAQs
- Struggles of tendancies: localism and anarchist individualism disrupt the APAQs
- The end of the wave of struggle, the drift to self-management

General strike or electoral circus
The organisation of the proletariat outside periods of open struggle (workers' groups, nuclei, circles, committees)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

On May First

On May First, however, the demonstration was called by the CLAC (Convergence des Luttes Anti-Capitalistes) which is an anarchist activist organization. We decided to go handing leaflets (200) at the Subway’s station where the demonstration was scheduled but to stay away from the demonstration itself since it was setup as a trap. In Montréal, since a few years, the police experiments mass arrests and foreign police from around the world comes to Montréal to study the police tactics they are using here, particularly when a demonstration is called by a leftist radical group such as the CLAC. So we knew from the beginning there would be a mass arrest.
In 2008, a similar demonstration was called. We then denounced this kind of left radical front because it brings confusion within the proletarian class, it leads nowhere else than political adventurism, and it tends to discourage sincere and young militant to keep on militating when they get arrested time after time, defeat after defeat.
So, this demonstration was setup from the start as a militants trap. There was no point for us to get arrested with a 637$ fine in a leftist demonstration lost in the middle of a bourgeois area (le Vieux-port de Montréal) without any balance of power and straight participation of the working class. While we fully support and show solidarity with people who got arrested, we denounce this kind of demonstration and the CLAC because it tends to help the police to make political profiling on those people who got arrested.
See  the leaflet An answer to the leftist action of May First the we wrote in 2008.
Solidarity with all arrested people
Internationalist Communists - Klasbatalo