Thursday, August 26, 2010

Additions to our basic positions.

The internationalist Communists of Montreal are changing their name to “The Internationalist Communists – Klasbatalo!” In Esperanto, 'Klasbatalo!' is a word meaning class struggle. There are two reasons for this. First, the activity of revolutionary internationalists is not restricted to a city, of course, and secondly the militant composition of Internationalist Communists is no longer limited to the city of Montreal.

The Internationalist Communists – Klasbatalo! have made additions to their basic positions.

It has been emphasized that Stalinism was the result of the isolation and degeneration of the Russian Revolution following the collapse of the revolutionary wave particularly in Germany between 1919-1923. Stalinism is also a bourgeois ideology (Maoism one of its variants).

We have added a position rejecting bourgeois democracy. This is nothing new for the ICM (see the article: A circus of darkness and lies: the National Assembly) but we felt we should mention it in our basic positions.

We have also clarified that self-management and nationalization are just other forms of capitalism, which do not address its relations of production.

Finally, the distribution of the communist program aims to raise proletarian consciousness within its own class. Communism requires the working class to consciously abolish capitalist social relations. Following from this we reject all sectarian attitudes and isolationism. Left Communist ideas must have a hearing within our class.

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