Thursday, May 29, 2008

An answer to the leftist action of May First

Capitalism is our misery...

Let’s sow revolutionary confusion!

This past Mayday was dished out to us on a sickening Procrustean bed by the various leftist organizations polluting Quebec’s proletarian political milieu. Indeed, a profusion of libertarian organizations coming from burst horizons (NEFAC, Anarkhia) was linked to the Maoists and other Stalinists (Revolutionary Communist party, Carrefour Quebec-Cuba) around a judicious extremely confused leaflet to represent the anger of the world’s so-called “poor” and “oppressed” – two ambiguous and catch-all terms typically used by the bourgeoisie, which will never represent anything other than social categories of variable geometry; two terms, therefore, utterly alien to Marxists and proletarians…

And so throughout the text, no mention at all of the only class capable of bringing about the revolutionary project – the proletariat! The autonomy of the proletariat in facing the opposing class, the bourgeoisie, is an essential condition for the development of its struggles toward the communist revolutionary project – without a doubt the only historical project focused on putting a final end to the capitalist mode of production. However we must stop and consider that there is no doubt some real revolutionary will on behalf of certain individuals within these groups; perhaps even some of the signatory groups themselves which don’t know the “program” and haven’t yet made an assessment of the struggles and defeats of the working class since the introduction of a state capitalism during the Twenties in Russia.

Keep in mind that the groups having signed this call don’t share the same vision of “anti-capitalism” and class-struggle. Most of these groups are, in fact, openly reformist, crypto-reformists, or haven’t a clue what tap they’re drinking from, while choosing between various forms of capitalism (like the state capitalism of the Stalinist PCR and Carrefour Quebec-Cuba, or the self-managed capitalism of the NEFAC).

We should also get it through our heads that capitalism with a human face does not exist. For the working class, to mend the broken pieces of capitalism through capitalist means is a misleading and impossible idea. Capitalism is a class system based on the surplus produced by our class. It’s not simply a question of human solidarity, as one would have it, since this world is divided into two antagonistic classes which clash daily. Where’s the human solidarity in events like Katrina? You find it mainly amongst the proletariat. How many of these fine bourgeois do we see investing their time, energy, and money in our assistance? Very few. And often, it s the pressure of the circumstances themselves which forces even that assistance. Thus there’s no point in talking about communism, here, since these groups in fact are not. For us, the only social class that can change the world is the working class, and proletarian internationalism is an essential precondition for that change to occur.

Communist ideas, the communist perspective, are disseminated only while working within the ranks of the proletariat, not isolated in leftist groups aligned with capitalism. Alliance with these groups, whose policies clearly oppose the interests of the proletariat, can only lead to one opportunistic dead-end which, in the final analysis, serves only the intentions of the bourgeoisie by sowing confusion within our class.

Indeed, all alliances, common, united, or antifascist fronts, with the left or the right-hand of capital (and ipso facto with fractions of the bourgeoisie), only end up by disarming the proletariat in the face of its adversary, forcing it away from the only ground from which it draws its conscience and its strength – its class terrain! Any political current which attempts to drive the working class from it’s own terrain, while trying to associate it with interests contrary to those of the proletariat, directly serves the interests of the bourgeoisie. For Marxists, it’s never a question of the lesser of two evils. The only real objective is the interpenetration of class struggles towards the dictatorship of the proletariat, initially, and then finally Communism.

Down with the dictatorship of the parties!

Down with frontism and popular fronts!

Long live the global dictatorship of the proletariat!

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